2017 Editions Gallery

“This course is extremely helpful for every clinician who wishes to participate in clinical research. It allows you to understand all the complexities of clinical research, and definitely helped me improve.”

Pedro Carrilho Ferreira, Cardiologist Consultant at Santa Maria University Hospital, CHLN, Lisbon, Portugal. (May 2017)

“This course has added a fundamental knowledge for the development of my professional activity. A great opportunity to learn more about clinical research.”

Susana Silva, MSc, Study Coordinator at Cardiovascular Research Support Department, CHLN, Lisbon, Portugal. (May 2017)

“The course is structured and very well organized. In order to improve the performance of the research teams, I strongly recommend that this training be given to all its members, namely researchers, monitors, coordinators and even promoters themselves.”

Susana Gonçalves, MSc, Santa Maria University Hospital, CHLN, Lisbon, Portugal. (October 2017)

“It is a very practical course […] A simple and, at the same time, careful and thorough approach was taken in order to acquire the concepts.”

Sara Oliveira, Study Coordinator at CUF Oporto Hospital, Oporto, Portugal. (October 2017)