COVID-19 – Contingency measures

16th March 2020

CETERA is closely following the most recent instructions and recommendations from the authorities on coronavirus (COVID-19). In view of the recent evolution of this virus in Portugal, it is important to reinforce and adopt measures which minimize the risk of spreading the virus and protect us all.

We hereby notice you of the measures of our contingency plan:

  • CETERA’s collaborators are in teleworking activities;
  • All the in-person meetings and site visits are suspended. This should, wherever possible and with prior approval, be conducted remotely;
  • All the in-person activities related to visits from external sponsors and institutions/investigators are suspended. This should, wherever possible be conducted by teleconference.
  • Our courses were postponed indefinitely.

Our team will continue to work at 100% and we remain entirely available to answer and help you through the usual telephone contacts, e-mail and skype.

The referred measures are in place until new instructions.

Inês Zimbarra Cabrita
Chief Operations Officer