Academic Year 2023/24

Master Degree in Clinical Research

Scientific Committee

Prof. Doutor Fausto J. Pinto

Prof. Doutor Joaquim Ferreira

Prof. Doutor Daniel Caldeira

Profª. Doutora Dulce Brito

Profª. Doutora Inês Zimbarra Cabrita


Prof. Doutor António Vaz Carneiro

Doutora Francisca Patuleia Figueiras

Profª. Doutora Maria José Diógenes Nogueira

Prof. Doutor Ricardo Fernandes

Program Objectives

The main objective of this program is to develop and provide specialized scientific and professional skills in developing, conducting, and managing Clinical Research.

General objectives:

  1. Promote in-depth knowledge of the methodology in Clinical Research, with a particular focus on its technical, organizational, and regulatory aspects.
  2. Create skills to plan, implement, conduct and manage clinical studies, as well as to promote the scientific dissemination of results.
  3. To promote the training of professionals in the area of health sciences highly specialized and oriented to Clinical Research, which integrate or intend to integrate research teams or multidisciplinary Clinical Research management teams.
  4. Develop skills for the implementation and supervision of Clinical Research activities.


Skills Acquisition

  1. Knowledge of the different methodologies and types of clinical studies within the development of medical drugs or medical devices.
  2. Knowledge of the methods, procedures, ethical and regulatory standards necessary to plan, implement, coordinate and manage clinical studies, and to interpret and disseminate the results.
  3. Skills to integrate research teams or multidisciplinary teams for Clinical Research management.
  4. Tools to participate and/or lead research projects.


When is the application period?

The application period is between May and August.

When did the program start?

Classes start on 20th of October 2023: Fridays (14:00h-19:00h) and Saturdays (9:00h-13:00h).

Does the Program include an internship?

The second-year includes the possibility to choose a master’s thesis/dissertation or internship.

Do you have any more questions?

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