Project Management

The management of clinical projects is essential for the success of a clinical trial and having this into account, the CETERA team provides a set of services that guarantee quality, transparency and compliance with the established objectives.

Our team rigorously monitors all phases of a clinical study, from study design, searching for funding, site selection, implementation and conduct of the study, to the delivery of study results with reports and publications.

At all stages of the study, we guarantee that, depending on the type of study, the stage in which the study is and the type of needs of our clients, the best management is defined and developed to promote the correct implementation and conduct of the study.

Depending on your needs, our activities may include:

  • Management of interventional studies, with medicines or medical devices, non-interventional, multicenter;
  • Management of academic projects (investigator driven studies) and promoted by Industry;
  • Contracts and payments management;
  • Supplier´s management;
  • Risk management and contingency plans;
  • Clinical operations manual;
  • Communication plan;
  • Training of teams;
  • Project management plan and metrics.

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